Pros And Cons Of Sew-In Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions are the old types of hair extensions and are still used by many people. These are hair wefts that are sewn to the hair by a stylist at a hair extensions salon. If you can’t decide whether this type of extension is the best for you, we will help you know the pros and cons of sew-in hair extensions to make the process easier for you.

Pros Of Sew-In Hair Extensions

These Don’t Go Loose

Putting on hair extensions is time-consuming and it requires attention so the extensions stick to their place. Many types of hair extensions can go loose if not applied properly.

However, sew-in hair extensions are sewed to hair so the risk of them going loose is lesser than other types. This means you can walk and move naturally without the fear in the back of your head that you’re wearing hair extensions.

You Can Wear Them For Weeks

Sew-in hair extensions are semi-permanent extensions that you can apply once and forget for weeks. You can wash your hair, straighten them with a flat iron, and do your normal hair care routine with the sew-in hair extensions on.

You can let them on for 6-10 weeks before needing to redo them. However, make sure to take good care of your hair especially the hair beneath the extensions.

Excellent For Short Hair

Long hair has the advantage that most types of hair extensions go well with them and don’t look obvious. But many people with short hair don’t have this advantage. Different types of hair extensions, when applied, don’t hide due to the small length of hair.

However, sew-in hair extensions are considered excellent for short hair. As they are stitched to the hair, they hide well and appear as your natural hair.

Preferred For Thick Hair

Thick hair is stronger in comparison with other types of hair. Therefore, they can take the stitches with the least amount of damage. If you have thick hair and want permanent hair extensions, you should go for sew-in extensions.

No Heat Required

Many types of extensions require heat tools in the installation process. Heat can damage your hair, remove moisture from it, and can also cause breakage. On the other hand, sew-in extensions don’t require heating. The stylist will stitch the artificial hair with natural hair in the installation process. The procedure requires time due to this reason.

More Hairstyles

Putting on hair extensions limits the hairstyles you can do. The reason is that many hairstyles are not suitable for extensions and can pull them out of the hair, damaging the hair in the process. However, you have more freedom when comes to hairstyling with sew-in extensions. Ask your stylist about the styles you can rock with the extensions on.

Use Can Apply Treatments On Them

You can keep these semi-permanent extensions on for weeks. So, you can get hair-dyeing or straightening treatments with these extensions without worrying about anything. However, let your stylist know that you’re wearing extensions so he/she performs the process carefully without pulling the extensions.

Cons Of Sew-In Hair Extensions

Application Takes Hours

A downside to using sew-in hair wefts is the time taken for the application of these extensions. You can expect to spend 2-6 hours on a chair with a hairstylist stitching the extensions to your hair. The exact time will depend on the number of bundles applied to the hair. In most cases, three are used.

They Should Be Installed By A Professional

Putting on sew-in hair extensions is as simple as clip-in extensions. You will be spending hours in front of the mirror. And as the process is complicated, DIY application can go loose and ruin your night. So, a hairstylist is your best bet for the installation of sew-in extensions.


These extensions are usually applied by a professional and cost more than other non-permanent types. But keep in mind that once the extensions are installed, these less care.


Sew-in hair extensions have many benefits and some drawbacks. If you decide to get sew-in extensions, salons that do hair extensions Potomac for the installation because it requires an experienced stylist. Improper installation of these extensions can damage your hair.

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