How To Hide Hair Loss For Men?

Loss of hair directly means loss of confidence, especially for many men out there. So, if you see that your hairline is receding or if the bald spot is growing rapidly, then here are some things that you can try out. You may find some treatments and remedies for hair loss whereas some are non-surgical hair replacement for men.


If you have been losing a lot of hair, to the point where you can visibly see your scalp through the hair, then that can be a huge issue. One thing you can try is to use toupees. Toupees are kind of like wigs, but they’re not as obvious as wigs and you can easily stick them on the bald spot of your head and call it a day.

The best thing about toupees is that you can get them in just about any color and you can even match your hair texture with it, so it will look like an extension of your natural hair. They’re great if you have a special event coming up and you don’t want to rock a bald spot.


If you’re desperate and have bald spots dotting all over your head, then toupees aren’t going to cut it. You need extra coverage and the only thing that will save your dignity is a wig. A wig is amazing because it completely covers your head and you can get discreet wigs as well, if you feel like everyone will know and you will see how easily this nifty thing hides your bald spots.

You can’t wear a lot of toupees or hair extensions on your head, so the only possible solution is to cover the entire head with a wig. You just need to get a wig that matches your hair the best and you’ll be good to go.


If your hair isn’t so bad at the moment, then you can get away with hiding your bald spot with hairstyles. There are a lot of hairstyles that you can try to hide the bald spot while looking stylish. If you have a bit of long hair to sport, then you can tie it up in a bun on the top of your head where the bald spot is and call it a day.

You can also part your hair differently so that the majority of the bald spot is covered by the hair, especially if you have shorter hair to work with. There are so many hairstyles that you can try, so hop on over to the internet and try some out, until you find the one that suits you the most. You will love this idea and there’s no worrying about putting something on your head.

You can also dye your hair coupled with a good hairstyle to add depth to your hair and hide hair loss. Visit a balayage salon Potomac for suggestions.

Hair Transplantation

If you want a permanent solution for your hair loss, then you might need to gear up for a hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a procedure that involves taking hair from the thickest and most dense part of your scalp and pretty much fusing it on your bald spot.

This is a full-blown surgical procedure, and in traditional hair transplantation procedure, you will have a cut on the head, from where the hair is taken, so if this is something that bothers you, then you might want to explore less invasive hair restoration procedures, but this is by far, the only option that will cure the hair loss for good.

Use Scalp Sprays

If you want a quick fix and you don’t have a toupee or wig lying around to help you, then you’ll be happy to know this tip. Scalp sprays are pretty much like hair dyes but in spray form. You can spray them directly on your scalp and this will give your hair a fuller look.

Just make sure to get the right color and you’ll be good to go. You don’t need to do anything, just shake the bottle up and apply it on your scalp from a distance and see the magic happen.

Hair Replenishing Treatments

There are a lot of treatments that can get hair growth back to normal and if you want to try it out for long-term effects, then it’s worth trying. You can get hair Botox done, which will over time, replenish your hair and make it grow thicker and fuller.

You can also go for topical treatments like minoxidil to increase the growth of your hair. It’s applied on the scalp once or twice a week and it shows promising results with regular use. It is also safe to use since it’s approved by the FDA.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are all the rage right now and rosemary has proven benefits to make the hair longer, stronger, and healthier. You can use a few drops of rosemary oil in your regular scalp oil and do a massage. If you want, you can even mix rosemary oil with your shampoo and use it to wash your hair for prolonged benefits.

Lavender oil is also known to rejuvenate the hair from the inside out, making it look healthier and thicker. So, try essential oils out and see the results for yourself.


Sometimes, your hair can be on the brink of damage and falling, because you’re not keeping your scalp healthy. You can go for regular scalp massages to get the blood circulating in the scalp. This is going to rejuvenate the scalp and you’ll see a difference in no time. You can do oil massages as much as you want, but twice a week, at least, is crucial.

A massage is relaxing and de-stresses you after a long day, so you’re practically killing two birds with one stone. Also, try to brush your hair thoroughly after the massage to let the oils seep in and let the bristles rub against your scalp for that extra circulation boost.

Vitamins & Supplements

Is your diet really bad? Are you eating a lot of processed foods? Well, one way to confirm it is by looking at your hair. If your hair is not healthy, then it’s probably lacking vitamins and minerals that are crucial for strength and growth.

To replenish your body and ultimately, the hair, you need to take vitamins, either from your diet or in the form of tablets or supplements. Try to improve your diet first, before going down the supplement route and if you need some extra boost of vitamins, then supplements are here to the rescue.

Prescription Medicine

There are special medicines that you can take for hair loss, but they’re only accessible to you after you’ve seen a doctor. Most people suffer from disorders like hormonal imbalance or nutrient deficiency, so they need allopathic medication to help them through this rocky path.

You’ll need to consult with your doctor first and you’ll go through a round of blood tests that will confirm the problem. Once that’s done, you can take the restoration medicine, as per prescription.


Hair loss is not a joke and it can be a hard thing to deal with. Luckily, these tips will boost your self-esteem. If need a solution quickly without waiting for results, then consider getting hairpieces for men Potomac.

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