Fashionable Sunglasses: 3 Tips On How To Take Good Care Of Them

Sunglasses, especially designer sunglasses, are expensive. To retain their look and avoid heading to the stores every now and then you need to take good care of them. To help you out here are tips on how to take care of your sunglasses:

Clean the sunglasses properly

Dust and grit have been shown to be the main causes of scratches on sunglasses. To get rid of them you need to properly clean the sunglasses. You should then gently rub the soap drop into the arms, frame and lenses using your forefinger or thumb. After this, rinse the glasses, then dry them with a lint-free cloth.

You should never clean the glasses using your breath as doing so only smears dirt around the lenses. When it comes to drying the sunglasses, avoid drying them with a paper towel, napkin, towel or shirt as you will cause scratches.

Protect the sunglasses from scratches

Scratches give your fashionable sunglasses a cheap look. One of the most effective ways is always keeping the glasses in protective cases when you aren’t wearing them. You can use hard or soft cases. Hard cases provide your glasses with ultimate protection where they protect glasses from water, dust and sand. They also protect the glasses from damage when you accidentally sit on them. To protect your glasses always ensure that the hard case is fully closed.

While hard cases are effective in providing your glasses with the protection they need, they are usually large thus making it complex carrying them around. If you don’t like the complexities that come with hard cases, you can always go with soft cases. These cases will protect your glasses from sand, dust and water, but they won’t protect them from accidental falls and sit-ons.

Handle the sunglasses with care

This goes without saying. For your sport sunglasses or any other glasses to last for long you need to handle them with care. One of the worst things that most people do is wear glasses at the top of their heads. While wearing the glasses at the top of the head might look stylish and convenient, it results to damage. In addition to stretching the arms, wearing them at the top of the head puts the glasses at risk of falling and getting damaged. Your hair and other accessories can also scratch the lenses and break nose pads.

Stylish Sunglasses

Fashion sunglasses are associated with style and elegance. Add health benefits and you have a killer combination of form and functionality.

Fashionable sunglasses  for everyone

There is a myth that fashion sunglasses are not for everyone. They are either for too much fashion minded or only for rich people who can afford them. These are just misconceptions.

Are they really expensive?

The straight answer is no. The sunglasses have become much more affordable now. Thanks to their acceptance by general public, manufacturers can now offer them at affordable price due to increase in sales volume. Increasingly health conscious people are also using them for eye protection.

Better build quality and clarity of vision 

Quality sunglasses last longer than their local counterpart due to top-notch build quality. In case of sunglasses, strong frame is not enough. The glass itself should be strong as well as soothing on the eyes. UV protection for eyes is a must. They should give clear vision to the wearer without any distortion. Sunglasses make driving safe by protecting eyes from sun glare. Low-end manufacturing techniques simply can’t do the job, and won’t give the necessary protection or warranty.

Choosing the best shape for you

Every person has a different face structure. Proportion is the key. If you have an oval shape face, than any sunglass will look good on you. For a square face, prefer oval, round or butterfly-shaped glasses.  Rectangular glasses are for a round faces. Some people prefer oversized glasses. Don’t go on the looks of the glasses alone. A smart-looking sunglass is of no use if it doesn’t look good on your face.

Some fashionable sunglasses brand

There are many (fashion sunglasses companies) with their offerings in the market. Some of the premium brands are Ray-ban, Oakley, Prada and Versace. Each comes with its own rich history, tradition and unique style. Some are more sport-oriented while others are formal in their approach.

Buy fashionable sunglasses for keeping your eyes safe and impress others with your sense of style. Buy branded sunglasses. Fake or locally made glasses might work as a fashion accessory but will damage your eyes in the long run.  

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