How To Use Rugs To Divide A Room?

Aside from making the room look cozy and welcoming, rugs can be used for multiple other reasons. For instance, dividing the room and spacing out the existing layout of the room. Don’t know how to do that? Then this guide to using oriental and Persian rugs to divide a room is for you.

Understand The Layout

Before even thinking about using rugs to divide your room, you need to understand the layout of the room itself and the whole unit. You might be thinking that all rooms are different and this tip doesn’t apply. However, this is an extremely versatile way of ensuring that whatever style your room is, you can easily master the art of using rugs and dividing the room. So, picture this:

The layout is an open floor concept and things are present in every corner of the room. If the layout isn’t open concept and everything is already pre-divided for you, then congratulations, because half of the work is done for you.

Divide The Rooms Into Zones

Now that you’ve got the layout down, it’s time to focus on the things that are spread throughout the room. This is where everyone’s room will differ, but with a general view, you can easily implement this tip.

You want to start with the area where there’s the TV and other electronics. No matter where your TV is in your room, it’s going to be somewhere, so section that zone off. If you have a kitchen and living room combined, then you can divide the dining area/living room from the actual kitchen.

The key is to make imaginary boundaries so that when you go ahead and place the rugs, it will take you less than 5 to 10 minutes to get everything done. This tip can also be used in bedrooms, guest rooms, and even bathrooms. Just zone out the sections where similar things are, and you are good to go.

Keep It Minimal

Now is the time for the rugs to step into the field. If you don’t want the division to look super harsh, then you should go for colors and patterns that are somewhat neutral. You might think that neutral rugs will blend into the background and the whole purpose of dividing the room will not be achieved.

Well, that’s not completely true. If you know how to balance out the colors, patterns, and designs and go for muted base rugs with a tiny bit of drama, in the form of elaborate patterns and designs, then the room will not only look sectioned off, but beyond beautiful as well.

Don’t Forget The Furniture

Usually, furniture isn’t factored into this technique and it can result in making your room look more choppy and less put-together. This is why you want to make the furniture blend in with the division seamlessly. How is that possible, you ask?

You can use rugs underneath the furniture or as a common ground for two or more pieces of furniture. This is going to ensure that the entire space comes together while still having definite sections, thanks to the above tips. Not to mention, your room will also look more symmetrical.

Layering Is The Answer

If you think that layering isn’t for you, then try it once. It will change the way you think about this technique. The key to nailing the art of layering is to know the balance. You should go for one to two layered rugs in one room. This is the perfect number and it makes the room look fabulous. Now, how can you exactly layer rugs that don’t look anything alike?

That’s simple! You don’t need to layer two identical rugs. You can go for rugs that have a complimentary color scheme, something along the lines of the combinations of black and white, brown and gray, light green and blue. Make sure though, that one rug is bigger than the other and that the shapes are the same. You’ll fall in love with layering from this point onwards. You can also use layering to place silk rug Virginia over a wool rug.

Soften With Shapes

Most people don’t get creative with the shapes of the rugs, especially if they’re using more than one in the room. Shapes can help to define the room more and they’re also great tools that can help with the division of the room. If you think that the bifurcation of the room will look harsh, then soften the blow with a round or oval rug. It will elevate your room for the better.

Rugs As Barriers

Remember those imaginary zones? Well, you can redefine them with rugs. Rugs can be used at the boundary of each division to make the section more distinct but in the most subtle of ways. Most people center the rug, and while that’s great, it’s kind of boring and monotonous. So, think outside the boundary and place the rugs near the division.

For instance, if you want to divide the kitchen into a dining space and cooking area, then you can add a rug on the far end of the dining table, where the “cooking” area of the kitchen starts. You need to try this out, to get the real results, because words can’t describe.

Use Colors To Your Advantage

You shouldn’t limit your color palette to just neutral and warm colors. You can play around with color to your heart’s desire and even add a pop here and there. Using colors for dividing the room has a twofold advantage. You’re not only adding freshness to the space, but each color also represents the divided area, so the sections will be prominent yet not in-your-face. Amazing, isn’t it?

Don’t Overdo It

No, you don’t need a hundred rugs for a single room to “divide” it. With the right placement and consideration beforehand, you can use a single rug and make magic with it. A lot of people think that division of the room directly equals more rugs, but that’s not the case at all.

You can use a maximum of two rugs for the room to look efficiently divided and it won’t look like an eye sore. For example, an area rug in the space between the couch and TV can automatically divide the space and you don’t need a plethora of rugs for it either.

Add Bold Accents

Don’t be afraid to go bold. While it can look very vibrant, pops of color or even bolder Persian rugs with intense embroidery and motifs can add that extra bit of something-something that’s missing in the room.

Remember that less is more and you just want to make a statement, not douse the room in bold colors or patterns. It should be just enough to give that never-ending pleasure to the senses, but also subtle enough to make other things accompany the décor in perfect harmony. That’s real art, right there.


Who would’ve thought that you could change the entire look of your room with a simple thing like rug placement? This is truly a wonderful idea and takes décor to the next level. Need rugs? Find some wholesale oriental rugs VA that are affordable and beautiful.

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