How To Get Authentic Online Reviews?

Online reviews are one of the best sales tools for online businesses. Several studies state that the majority of customers look at online reviews before opting for products and services. However, that is only possible as long as the reviews are authentic. You should manage your online reviews with a review management software to ensure this. Below are some important tips that will help you get genuine reviews to increase customer traffic in the future.

Follow Up With Buyers

The first thing you need to do when it comes to ensuring authentic online reviews is to follow up with buyers. Even though it is both simple and requires minimum effort, the majority of business owners fail to acknowledge it, which keeps it devoid of genuine reviews.

Following up with buyers simply lets them know that you are serious about your business and the customers. If the customers realize that you are concerned about their opinions, they will surely provide authentic reviews to help you overcome the flaws.

However, if you were to leave them be, they will most probably choose your competitor next time. Furthermore, following up with buyers can take several shapes as well. You can email, text message, or send them a review card with a link to your review page for their convenience.

If the customers find it difficult to locate or fill your review section, they won’t bother. Since customers will be taking out time from their busy routines to tend to your business, you will need to respect their efforts.

Ask The Right Questions

Next, you need to ask the right questions. As mentioned previously, customers should not feel burdened while penning their reviews. If the questions you are asking are not related to the products and services offered, they will simply throw the review section in the recycle bin.

That said, it is important to align your questions with the main subject. Try to determine the needs of the customers. Plus, try to dig into what they would like to change for other customers to like as well. Keep in mind that online business is full of minor and major problems.

You need to find out what pains the customers most and try to fix that. Once you manage to do that, you are most likely to turn potential customers into lifetime customers.

Acknowledge Those Who Give Best Reviews

This is yet again something businesses tend to voluntarily ignore. Customers are not legally or morally bound to provide reviews even if the services and products sold were genuine. So, while you expect them to write something good about you that will bring in more business, it is your responsibility as a business to appreciate their time and efforts.

So, contact the customers who have given you the best ratings. Simply thank them for their reviews to let them know you are watching their moves. At the same time, ask them if they would like to change or update something in the future. This will ensure the customers that you are in line with the customer’s needs.

Contact Those Who Leave Negative Reviews

Ensuring authentic online reviews is not only about thanking customers with positive responses but also contacting those who leave negative reviews. Doing business online can be tough and you need to master the art of being able to manage all types of customers.

So, if you have negative reviews coming in, instead of hiding them, contact the customers and try to eliminate their frustration. This is the best way for you to turn them into loyal customers. Note down their opinions and see if their criticism matches your shortcomings. If so, fix them as soon as possible. Imagine you’re remodeling your kitchen and the customer feedback is the suggestions of a contractor.

Once you have done that, invite your customers again and maybe offer a discount this time. This will send a positive message to your customers that you value them and apologize for the previous experience.

Eventually, customers penning down negative reviews will spread your business around just based on you caring for them. Even if some people do not purchase or acquire your services or products, you will at least have a positive image of your business tossed around.

Get On The Same Sites As Your Customers

Being online active is a great way to know what your customers are looking for in the market. Today, there are several social media platforms where influencers review businesses and are followed by thousands. That said, it is important to have social media profiles for potential customers to access important information.

Plus, there are several different platforms for different businesses. For instance, if you are a restaurant, you should have a profile on Yelp. This way, not only the customers will be able to read everything about you but also have a chance to interact with you via the comments section.

Keep in mind that there might be days when you receive several reviews at a time. You need to respond to them promptly for the customers to hold you important. If you reply after days or weeks, you have most probably lost the customers.

This is another important tip you need to consider. Customers especially with negative reviews expect instant responses. And you as a business should respond within a day at max. If that is not the case, do not expect positive reviews to come in either, as customers will notice you ignoring the criticism. So, use an industry-standard review management system for responding to reviews quickly.

Hire An Expert

Dealing with customers is an art in itself. As a business owner, you might be able to get some time out to cater to the needs and preferences of some customers but you won’t be able to do that every single day considering there are other factors to look after as well.

This is why it is important to hire an expert that specializes in dealing with customers. A marketing expert that understands the mindset of the customers and updates the strategies accordingly will help your business grow tremendously. You will need to pay them for their services but this is an investment that will enable you to bring in loyal customers.

Communicate The Important Of Reviews

The majority of customers underestimate the importance of reviews. They think it is simply a waste of time and the business probably won’t attend to it. However, that should not be in your case. While asking for reviews, you should verbally communicate the importance of reviews to your customers.

Tell them how their reviews will help them cover the gaps and prepare for the competition ahead. As a business, it is easy for you to miss out on events and changes in the industry. However, since the customers are shopping from multiple sources, they are better equipped with the surroundings.

So, the customers need to know the importance of reviews and the power they hold to significantly improve your business operations.


In the end, ensuring authentic online reviews takes time and consistent effort. Do not expect the results to come overnight. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind, hire an expert, and give them the best tools like a white label review management software. Authentic reviews are hard to get but will help you stand out from your competitors.

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