When You Need To Repair Your Commercial Refrigerator?

A commercial refrigerator is an essential part of a commercial kitchen. It works hard to keep drinks and meals fresh until they are served to the customers. Over time, your commercial refrigerator will run into some problems due to constant use. However, sometimes, it is difficult to determine whether a commercial refrigerator needs a repair. If you can’t decide whether you need to call in a commercial kitchen appliance repair technician, look for these hints.

Temperature Fluctuations

The first thing you need to observe when it comes to a commercial refrigerator needing repairs is temperature fluctuations. Technically, commercial refrigerators are air cabins with seals and gaskets that prevent air from escaping or the outside air from entering inside.

If the air from outside was to enter the unit, it would cause all sorts of problems. Moisture is the biggest enemy of food products and it does not take long for stored items to spoil if moisture is constantly leaking inside. At the same time, refrigerators are programmed and come with mechanisms that are specifically made to maintain the temperature.

This means your expensive stored food items should not be at risk as long as the unit is maintaining temperature. However, if the case is otherwise and you notice temperature fluctuations, it means something is wrong. If the refrigerator door is warm or warm air comes out, it means the unit needs immediate attention.

So, the first thing you need to check is the air vents. If that is not the case, you will need to check the compressor. A compressor can fail due to a variety of reasons with leakage being the most common reason. Commercial refrigerators require a certain level of refrigerant to produce cool air and maintain temperature.

If there is a leakage, the compressor will work harder than usual to compensate for the loss and will eventually heat up and malfunction. You might have to replace the compressor if it becomes faulty because compressor repair is mostly not possible. Therefore, if temperature fluctuation has become frequent, you should call an expert and get the issue rectified as soon as possible.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are another sign your commercial refrigerator is in trouble. These leaks can both take place inside and outside the unit. Plus, water puddles outside the refrigerator can be serious as people can slip and fall. A common culprit in the case of water leaks is the drain pan.

Modern commercial refrigerators are equipped with a variety of features and will automatically melt ice formed on the coils. In this case, the melting ice can form water puddles but that is nothing to worry about. However, the drain pan needs to be emptied more frequently.

On the other hand, the drain pan needs to be properly placed as well. Not many people are aware but a damaged or misaligned drain pan can also cause water leaks. If you check the drain pan and everything comes out normal, you should check the drain lines.

With time, dirt, dust, and rust can make their way inside the drain hose and block it. That said, the water will leak from different areas. To fix the issue, you can either check the drain hose or drain pan yourself or consult an expert if the issue seems complicated.

Door Issues

As mentioned earlier, commercial refrigerators come with seals and gaskets to prevent air leakages. Because commercial refrigerator doors are opened and closed numerous times daily, it is normal for them to experience some wear and tear. This means the door seal will undergo stress and will pose problems.

If you notice that your commercial refrigerator’s main door is not closing properly, it could be due to a faulty door seal. While replacing the door seal, you should also check the door hinges and other essentials that might interfere with the functioning.

Fortunately, commercial refrigerator seals and gaskets are neither too difficult nor expensive to replace. You can replace them yourself as well but will need exact replacements. Door seals, gaskets, hinges, etc. might look the same from the outside but vary based on the make, model, and variant of the refrigerator. This is the only reason you should hire a commercial freezer repairs Fairfax expert.

Unusual Noises

Although, commercial refrigerators are rigid units and will last several years before needing any repairs and replacements as long as they are well-maintained, even they can produce strange unusual noises. This is more likely when a commercial refrigerator or walk-in unit is old.

On average, a well-maintained commercial refrigerator will last around 10 years. In between, you might come across unusual noises. If your commercial refrigerator is under warranty, you can get it checked and fixed without paying a single penny.

However, if the warranty has ended, you will need to pay for the inspection. Keep in mind that you can fix some issues by thoroughly maintaining the appliance. But squeaking or other similar sounds could be coming from the compressor bearing.

Unfortunately, you cannot access and fix the issues on your own. The least you can do is determine the source of the noise. This will help the expert get straight to fixing the issue rather than wasting time inspecting the entire unit.

The Unit Is Old

If nothing else and your commercial refrigerator requires constant repairs and replacements, it simply means it is now time to replace the unit. As mentioned earlier, commercial refrigerators come with a lifespan like other commercial kitchen appliances.

Once the unit nears or exceeds its lifespan, the components turn weak and regularly experience problems. In such a situation, you should not be wasting your money on expensive repairs and replacements. Instead, save the money and invest it into buying a new unit.

The new unit will be relatively more energy efficient and will reduce your energy bills as well.

How To Maintain A Commercial Refrigerator?

Maintaining a commercial refrigerator is not that difficult. All you need to do is maintain a maintenance schedule and follow it. You can also consult the user manual about the frequency and duration. If you wish to maintain the refrigerator on your own, simply use a soft cloth, cleaning agent, and a brush.

Turn off the refrigerator and also unplug it. Take out any removable parts from the unit. Wash them individually under a sink or using a hose pipe. If you are not able to access the complicated areas, you will need to schedule expert maintenance.

Expert maintenance will surely cost you but will ensure the smooth operation of the unit by preventing expensive repairs and replacements. The expert will thoroughly inspect the refrigerator and fix any minor issues on the spot before they turn serious.


Many things can point towards the need of a commercial refrigerator inspection and repair. However, some of them may seem regular and owners might ignore them. Therefore, the above-mentioned signs should be seriously considered and acted upon whenever they show up. Plus, most of them can be prevented by scheduling preventative maintenance carried out by commercial refrigerator services Northern VA. This way, you can ensure the unit runs effortlessly for years to come.

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