Having a tree or a few in your front or backyard is surely a beautiful sight. While you would expect them to offer some privacy or protection from the sun not having them fall near or around the property. This could be a tricky situation to handle if the size of the tree is big or the area is difficult to reach. Below are some tips that will help you safely remove a fallen tree or you can get some help from tree removal services.

Wear Protective Gear

Removing a fallen tree might seem a simple task but it carries a lot of risks. If the tree happens to be big, you will need tools like a chainsaw that can be extremely dangerous to handle. In the past, people have experienced permanent disabilities due to ignorance regarding safety.

That said, you must wear protective gear and cover the major exposed areas. Wear gloves and goggles to prevent sharp pieces from causing injuries. Once you have managed to properly cover yourself, you should move on to assessing the tree.

Assessing the tree is important as it helps you devise a plan. Grabbing your tools and jumping straight into the cutting or removing process might result in problems. That said, spend a few minutes taking a good look at the tree and assessing the situation.

If the tree is relatively young and small, it might be a lot easier to remove it by using a helping hand. However, if the tree is big, you might need a crane to remove its roots which are most probably deep down.

Request A Permit

An important part of the tree removal process that you should not ignore is getting a permit. Some states have strict regulations for the installing, trimming, or removing trees. This is mainly because bigger trees threaten the surroundings during the tree removal process.

Since the tree you wish to remove has already fallen, you must ensure it has not caused any significant damage. If it was due to extreme weather conditions, you couldn’t do much about it. However, if it was a result of your attempt to bring it down, you might be in serious trouble.

Therefore, ask the local authorities whether you need permission or if the state itself will take care of it.

Remove Any Obstacles In The Surroundings

Next, you need to remove any obstacles in the surroundings. This is significant factor to keep in mind as it might also involve the neighbors. It will also be better if you inform the neighbors a few days before the tree removal process is going to take place.

At the same time, you will need to make sure any obstacles or valuable items in the surroundings must be removed. If the tree is in your front yard with people in the surroundings, you will need to cordon off the area so that no one gets hurt when the pieces are flying into the air.

Make sure the tree has not fallen on any appliance like an HVAC unit placed outside. Furthermore, make sure the power lines are not in the way. If there is a cause for concern, you will need to call in the authorities to tackle the issue. It could also be that the tree is resting on power lines. This could be extremely dangerous. You should not attempt to remove the tree. Instead, call in the experts who will handle the power lines using their special tools.

Chop The Tree

Now that everything is in the clear, you should begin chopping up the tree. Start with cutting the branches and the limbs. Strip the tree from the branches going from up to down. Then, chop the tree into manageable sections. Depending on the size of the tree, you may want to use a chainsaw or any other handheld tool.

While operating a chainsaw, make sure you are wearing safety gloves and keep the chainsaw away from your body to prevent contact while running it through the tree. Do not keep your legs or feet near the chainsaw or put them on the tree as the chainsaw might come in contact.

However, if the situation demands as such, wear safety boots. Once you have produced manageable pieces, place them directly under the sun for some firewood. You can use them after a few days when they are fully dried.

Dispose Of The Remaining Wood

Disposing of the remaining wood is as important as wearing safety gear. Then again, some states also have strict regulations about leaving the remaining wood as it is. This could lead to a hefty fine. To prevent such situations, you should either transport them to the nearby disposal or contact the department to come pick them up. If allowed and if you use a wood-burning fireplace, you can store it for winter.

The entire process is dangerous and can damage your property or hurt someone. If you want to be safe, have the tree removed by tree services Kensington.

How To Maintain A Tree?

There is no doubt that trees are a natural blessing and a sight to see. However, these blessings can soon turn into threatening situations when they outgrow themselves, especially the properties. If you own a bigger property such as a farmhouse, you should not have a problem maintaining the tree.

However, if the property is comparatively smaller, you will have to keep an eye out for its growth. Maintaining a tree is simple and not as complicated as it seems. If you have installed a new tree, you can control its growth from the start.

On the flip side, if you have recently purchased a property and the tree came with it, you will need to trim and prune it to ensure its branches do not come near the property. The safest way to maintain a tree is by first determining its type. Different trees have varying growth patterns. While some grow at a slower pace, others can grow every month.

Plus, the season also has a crucial role to play. During the winter season, the majority of the trees tend to grow at a slower pace or sometimes not at all. But, when it’s summertime, other trees will grow new leaves and branches within days.

Can I Maintain The Tree Myself?

Yes, if the tree is manageable but not if it’s huge in height. As mentioned earlier, you will need to prune, trim, and even remove some branches first. So, climbing bigger trees will carry more risks. In addition to that, you most probably won’t have the tools to prune or remove the branches in the first place.

That said, if you like to have bigger trees on your property, it is important to consult experts and have them handle the task. It is surely going to cost you money but will carry a lot less risks. Plus, you should also perform weekly inspections to ensure the tree or trees are disease and infection-free.

It is often that trees experience health concerns and show little to no signs until they become weak and fall to the ground. This is why you need to keep their health in check as well and attend to any unusual signs or symptoms.


Removing a fallen tree can be a complicated task. However, you can make it easier by following the tips mentioned above. Consult the local department and emergency tree storm services Bethesda if the tree is big. At the same time, ensure other trees in the vicinity are well-maintained and do not pose a threat to you and your neighbors.

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