10 Things To Know About Stainless Steel Countertops

Whether your kitchen is in need of a remodel or you simply want to change your countertops, there are a lot of great materials to choose from. Quartz and granite countertops are the best choices. But if you want a unique option, check out stainless steel countertops. Here is everything you need to know about stainless steel countertops for the kitchen.

It’s Extremely Durable

Stainless steel is a very strong material, and the strength increases as you go up the grades. The grade of stainless steel basically defines the composition and durability of the metal. The better the grade is, the more durable the steel will be.

For residential countertops, stainless steel of 16 guage is perfect, as it is strong enough to last you for years and it won’t be as expensive either. Stainless steel countertops can last up to 30 years if they are maintained and polished timely.

It Doesn’t Rust Or Stain

Stainless steel is one of the few materials which will not get stained and you don’t even need to apply any sort of sealant on its surface. Stainless steel doesn’t require any sort of sealing and protection from water.

Most countertop materials, natural stones, require sealing otherwise, water and moisture can ruin the stone altogether. This is not the case with stainless steel countertops. You can get these countertops wet and there still won’t be an issue with them and stains won’t be a problem either.

Another quality that makes this material amazing is the fact that it doesn’t corrode or rust when it comes in contact with acid. This material is manufactured to withstand corrosion and rusting.

Great Resistance To Heat And Moisture

Stainless steel is a non-porous material, unlike other countertop materials, which can have large holes or pores on the surface and all over the countertop. It is extremely resistant to heat and water. You can directly put hot things on this countertop and it won’t get blistered.

Stainless steel is a very strong material and it can withstand extremely high temperatures, so you don’t have to worry about hot pots and pans ruining the surface of the countertop, because stainless steel isn’t affected by this temperature and it won’t lead to black stains.

Gives The Illusion Of A Bigger Space

Stainless steel has a really great quality and that’s the illusion of a bigger space. Stainless steel, by appearance, is highly reflective and it will bounce the light off, from its surface, in different directions. This makes the space look larger and sleek. If your space is bright, then it will look a lot bigger too. Stainless steel works great in kitchens of any size.

In smaller kitchens, this material is an even better countertop replacement NC option, because it will not make the kitchen look divided and it will tie the entire space together.

There Isn’t A Lot Of Options

Stainless steel has no variety at all. This isn’t a huge deal breaker or anything, but it can be very boring for some people, especially if they like color, patterns, and designs on their kitchen countertops. Stainless steel has a glossy finish and it is highly reflective, while its color is a grayish white and that’s about it.

There aren’t a lot of patterns on it either and there is no color range. If you’re someone who likes variety, then this material might not be for you. If this doesn’t bother you, then you can go ahead with stainless steel.

It’s An Expensive Material

Stainless steel is a very expensive splurge. The durability and other qualities of this material come with a big price tag. It is not one of those materials which will be reasonably priced. Stainless steel will cost you anywhere from $70 to $160 per square foot, depending on the grade you get and what thickness you’re going for.

This is definitely quite expensive, as far as countertops are concerned, but if you have the budget for it or if you want a sustainable material, then it’s quite worth it because it’s a durable material and the money you spend on it will be paid back, in terms of its longevity.

It Is Prone To Scratches

Stainless steel seems like a perfect material, but it is not resistant to everything. Stainless steel can actually scratch pretty easily. If you use knives or sharp tools directly on the surface of the steel, it will turn into deep scratches over time.

Another very troublesome thing about stainless steel is that certain grades of the material can be dented very quickly too. If you put something heavy on the countertop, then it will dent. This is why you need to get a better and stronger grade of steel for your kitchen.

It’s Easy To Install

Stainless steel countertops are some of the easiest materials to install in your kitchen. It might seem like this material is hard to install, but it’s actually super-fast and you can do it by yourself too. The only drawback is that it can be a bit heavy.

Firstly, a template is made which will be the guide for the measurements of the actual countertops. Using the template, the stainless steel is cut into the shape of your countertops and then they can be installed. Sometimes, the countertop can also have a built-in stainless steel sink installed in it, which makes the setting up of this countertop even easier.

No Fuss About Seams

A very good thing about stainless steel is that it comes in a single piece and it can be installed in that way too. This quality leaves no issues with seams. A lot of the time with countertops, the installation can be a pain because hiding the seams is important, but with stainless steel, you don’t have to worry about this issue at all.

You can give the dimensions of your countertop to your retailer and the space for the cut-out of the sink. The countertop will come in one piece and it’s installed in a matter of minutes.

Finishes Of Stainless Steel

There are a couple of different finishes of stainless steel, that are really good considerations for countertops and even backsplashes for the sink.

Hammered Stainless Steel

It’s a type of stainless steel that has been hammered to form random divots and dents on the surface. It looks very beautiful and it gives the countertop a more rustic appeal.

Brushed Stainless Steel

Brushed stainless steel has a lot of lines and “brush marks” on its surface. It makes the countertop appear less reflective and it can also lessen the exposure of the stark stainless steel. It’s a great camouflage for scratches and other imperfections on the surface of the countertop.

Quilted Stainless Steel

This design of stainless steel isn’t typically used for countertops, but it can be used for islands and backsplashes. It has diamond-like crisscross patterns engraved on the surface. This design is beautiful and it gives a very minimal look to your kitchen, but it adds that element of décor and sophistication.


There you have it! Stainless steel is a great material, because it’s not only durable, but it also has a sleek and minimal look, which will make your kitchen look like a dream. Consult a granite company Durham NC to know if they also provide the services of stainless steel countertop installation.

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