The Toxic Relationship Signs You Need to Pay Attention To

If you feel that there is something wrong with your current relationship to the level that you can’t breathe freely, then you are probably in a toxic relationship.

But how to know for sure? They say that it can be a mistake to perceive things negatively. Well, it will come down to you. You are the one who is in a particular relationship. You feel it. A toxic relationship can take many forms. The key here is to recognize the signs so that you can take appropriate actions to handle them.

These are the signs of a toxic relationship that you need to pay attention to.

Your friends’ circle is too narrow.

Chances are your partner bans your specific friends from your life. He or she rejects your existing friends and gets them out of your personal circle. You are only allowed to do certain activities with your partner only. He or she won’t want to share you with other people. It could be a red flag. It is important to know that being overly possessive is not the key to a successful relationship.

They control your life.

Your partner should love you rather than see you as something that they can control. You will really need to notice this sign. If your life is controlled by them, you need to get out of the toxic circle as fast as possible. They might ask you to get a new job, change your clothes, update your car, and so on. It is okay to change for the better. But if you notice that your partner forces you or shames you to change, it is something else. It means that they don’t value you as their loving person.

Your partner is really obsessed with you.

A toxic relationship is often confused with love because it seems like your partner is passionate about you.

Obsessive love is unhealthy. If this goes on, it could lead to a chain of toxic behaviors like abusive behaviors, personal attacks, stalking, threatening, and so on.

Your partner is constantly monitoring you.

The text you all the time to check in. Although you’ve said that you are at a beer party with your best pals, he or she controls your activities. This could include things like tracking your location, requiring you to take pictures to provide proof of your activities, and so on.

They don’t listen to you anymore.

Two-way communication is a very important key in a successful relationship. If your partner keeps interrupting you and not listening to you, then it is really a bad sign to consider. Listening is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. If they don’t listen, it is a sign that they don’t respect your opinions and values. Ignoring you is also a disrespectful gesture.

You feel exhausted.

You feel tired, sick, and stressed out. And probably the other one feels the same way. You could have been struggling with stomachaches or headaches, or being unwell, although your doctor says you’re okay.

If you notice that you feel drained and exhausted when you are with the person, that’s an obvious sign that something is not right.

Personal attacks

Your partner criticizes you too often. And this is what you will need to worry about. It can tamper with your values, personality, and dreams. Sometimes they can be unforgiving and say your name. Yes, name-calling is categorized as rude behavior. If you feel belittled by your partner, then it is a red flag.

Beware of the signs above. Take good care of yourself and your partner. You could get help if you need it.

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